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Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity - premiere on February 7

The “Gates of Eternity” or “The Threshold of Change” is a journey into the mind and inner world of a person who, despite the ridicule and skepticism of those around him, continued to create and created many great works of art. This is not a biography film. Rather, it is a drama about the emotional state of a hermit artist who is experiencing an internal conflict.

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Big Little Lies - Season 2

The network has a trailer for the 2nd season of the series "Big Little Lies" with famous actors and the release date. It would seem that the story is over, but not so simple - the main characters will again have to face family problems and deal with the ghosts of the past. The first season was very much liked by the audience - on the Kinopoisk website it was rated at 8.1, on IMDb - 8.

Workers' riot in Bykov’s new film "Plant"

At the very end of 2018, the trailer for the film "Plant" was published by director and screenwriter Yuri Bykov. Yuri is well known to the viewer for such films as "Major", "Fool" and the series "Method" and "Sleeping". In most of his paintings, Bulls also plays supporting roles. However, in the new film "Plant", the director decided to concentrate on working on this side of the camera.

A bunny of average prosperity: as a public in 17 posts gathered 16,000 readers

Against the background of memes with the phrase of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which he accidentally dropped in the Crimea (there is no money, but you hold on, all the best), a simple public with a hare is gaining popularity on the social network VKontakte. There are only 17 posts in the group, but almost under each of them - 4000-5000 likes. And the number of subscribers is more than 16 thousand.

9 films that fought for this year's Oscar

Oscar - a kind of marker for moviegoers. Several hundred new films are released annually, but only some of them are worthy of spending a couple of hours of their life on them. By tradition, the most powerful films are nominated for an Academy Award. Not everyone wins, but getting into the list of nominees is a great success.

20 puzzle films about people in confined spaces

This selection is for fans of a claustrophobic atmosphere and unexpected turns. Finding yourself in a confined space, and even with strangers, is not the best of pleasure. Especially if the circumstances of such a neighborhood are not fully understood. We have compiled a list of puzzle films about a group of people in a confined space and the challenges they need to pass in order to stay alive.

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Blue Abyss 2 - Second Shark Dive

Bloodthirsty sharks will attack beautiful girls who decided to explore the underwater city, in the continuation of the horror Johannes Roberts. The world release date for the film "Blue Abyss 2" is set for 2019, the actors are known, the trailer, scary and thrilling, is already available for viewing. The rating of expectations of the premiere is estimated at 87% at KinoPoisk.

9 gay

Cuming out is a difficult decision for a representative of homosexual orientation. But it’s even more difficult when this person is a world star, who is closely watched by thousands of eyes every day. It is relatively safe in the West to admit it; the European community has stepped forward in this sensitive issue, so the stars do not risk losing their successful careers or face violent aggression from fans.

Reworked in Russia: see how foreign TV shows look in our version

There are series that enjoy such great success with the audience that they are adapted in other countries. In our country, for example, Julia turns into Russian Julia, New York into Moscow, and the dialogues take on a national, national tone. We decided to see how similar the characters of the western series and their analogues are on our television.

Wild league

The origin of sports in different countries has a different history. A film project in the genre of sports historical drama by Andrei Bogatyrev and Art Camacho will tell about the appearance of football on Russian soil - the 2019 film “Wild League” with famous actors and an unknown release date, the trailer for the drama is presented below.

9 films that we watched before the holes on videotapes (part 2)

In the nineties, in order to watch a certain film, I had to work hard - take the necessary video cassette from friends, go to the store and spend a lot of money on a new cassette, or go to the video showroom (are there anyone who still remembers their existence?). Therefore, there were only popular films in use - it’s understandable, who wanted to bother so for the tasteless mediocre movie?

Green Book

The problem of discrimination of people with black skin has always worried many people and has been reflected in various works, both artistic and cinematic. One of these projects was the 2018 Green Book movie with excellent reviews, the trailer in Russian of which can be viewed to familiarize yourself with the plot.

Wheelbarrow per million (Driven)

On the very last day of the 75th Venice Film Festival, which took place from August 29 to September 8, 2018, the film “The Wheelbarrow for a Million” directed by Nick Hamm was presented to the world. The exact release date for the film in Russia “Wheelbarrow for a Million” (2018) is set for August 2019, the list of actors and the trailer are presented below.

The 8-bit mini-game on the film "It" has been released

As part of the marketing campaign for the film "Ono", the film studio launched a mini-game whose graphics fit the aesthetics of 8-bit consoles. The game was based on an episode of the King’s novel of the same name. Boy Georgie, the younger brother of one of the main characters, plays on a rainy day on the street. A paraffin-soaked paper boat, launched by him under a rain stream, floats down the street for a long time until it enters the gutter.

What are the actors doing for the movie role?

Most of us dream of losing weight or, conversely, gaining a little mass, but for Hollywood actors, such changes in appearance are just one aspect of the work. Directors are sometimes very discriminating in the selection of actors and in what they would like to see them in the frame. We present to your attention 25 extreme changes in the body that the actors had to go to get a role in the movie.

Society - Netflix New Series

Caught in an incomprehensible place without adults, young adolescents will either have to create their own society or lose the remnants of humanity. It is such an intriguing plot that awaits the audience when watching the new series from Netflix (Netflix) "Society" with the release date in 2019, whose actors are known, the trailer for the future premiere has already been released, and it will certainly interest you with its tense atmosphere.

Project X-Traction

Jackie Chan will surprise us with his participation in the movie "Project X" with a release date in 2019, the actors and personnel of which are made public; The creators have not yet provided a trailer for viewing. The main news about the production of the film was the participation in it of the fighter John Cena instead of actor Sylvester Stallone. The rating of the expectation of films is estimated at 98%.